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Protect your home’s roof against storm damage

This part of the country can experience very strong storms, leaving your home at risk of serious damage. If your roof sustains damage it could lead to wood rot and molded areas, and even cause damage to your home’s electrical system.

Even perceived small cracks in the roofing system can allow water from strong storms to penetrate the surface. This type of roof damage can lead to costly issues if unattended, so give Hollingsworth Roofing a call to assess the damage.

Your home may require emergency tarping after a strong storm or tornado winds, and we are available 24 hours a day for these calls. Let our roofing professionals get your home protected from storm damage to prevent more damage to the interior.


We offer a range of roofing services

We don't just replace shingles, Hollingworth Roofing performs various Roofing Repair Services including:

  • Repair to chimney flashing shingles
  • Repair to the exterior counter flashing
  • Work with Insurance Adjustors

You can depend on Hollingsworth Roofing. Contact Hollingsworth Roofing today to get relief from storm damage in the Anniston, AL area.

Has your roof suffered from storm damage?

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