Attic Insulation for your home in Anniston, AL

Help to Control Attic and Home Airflow

Hollingsworth Roofing contractors are experienced in attic insulation replacement. We can inspect your home’s current insulation and determine if there are issues and if replacement is necessary. The insulation in your attic helps to maintain your home’s year-round temperature consistency.

During the summer months, proper insulation helps to prevent heat in the attic from getting into your home’s interior living areas. In the winter months, insulation on the attic flooring helps to keep the rising heat from escaping out through the roofing structure. When insulation becomes damaged or is exposed to moisture from leaks, the growth of mold can take place or you can experience pest infestation.

View of insulation in attic

The Benefits of Quality Attic Insulation:

With the correct attic insulation in your home, you benefit in many ways. Advantages of high-quality insulation include:

  • Protection from bad weather
  • Airflow consistency
  • Lower Energy Bill costs

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