Hollingsworth Roofing Provides Roof Inspections in Anniston, AL

Roofing Inspections will keep you safe

Having a roof inspection is a great way to know if your roof is sound and safe or if there is damage or wear that needs repair. Without these roof repairs you may find during an inspection, storms and wind could continue to cause lasting damage. Let Hollingsworth Roofing contractors do an onsite roof inspection to ensure your safety and home’s protection.

Our roofing contractors have experience in diagnosing issues discovered through a roof inspection, and they will provide a written report with their findings. Let our professionals be the ones to safely navigate your roofing structure and let you know if there is any damage to report.

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inside view of attic and trusses

Is your roof protected?

A Hollingsworth Roofing contractor will perform a roof inspection and be looking for these issues:

  • Chimney cracks or leaks
  • Missing shingles
  • Broken shingles
  • Gutters damaged or hanging
  • Wood rot on fascia or decking
  • Caulk cracking

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Has your roof suffered from storm damage?

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